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Educated at:
B.S. Architecture
University of Cincinnati
College of Design Architecture and Art

Paul is the founder of Marks, Thomas and Associates Architects. An architect and oil painter, Paul has served as an adjunct instructor at the University of Cincinnati, Towson University and the Maryland Institute of Art.

He has been awarded more than 20 Design Awards for architecture & planning and recently designed a new residence in Federal Hill in Baltimore. He lives with his wife, the artist C. Smith-Marks and daughter, Lauren. His 2 sons are Chris, a teacher, and David, an architect.

Paul's paintings reflect the deft hand of an architect with a remarkable respect for landscapes throughout the world. His focus on urban landscapes such as the working harbor streets of Baltimore, Manhattan cityscapes, and the rustic, colonial beauty in his San Miguel de Allende collection portray a tangible sensitivity to form, movement, and light. His unique perspective as both artist and architect is visible in ever evolving art works that engage the senses and embrace the intellect.

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